About GSLT

The Gwinnett Student Leadership Team (GSLT) is a two-year student leadership experience for high school juniors and seniors in Gwinnett County Public Schools and Buford City Schools.  The initiative is sponsored by Gwinnett County Public Schools, Buford City Schools, and the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce in partnership with other community agencies, institutions, and businesses.  GSLT provides an opportunity for students to develop personal and organizational leadership skills and an awareness of issues facing the community in which they live.

GSLT junior class participants are introduced to a core curriculum of leadership skills and provided opportunities to explore leadership issues through a series of seven one-day symposiums.  The curriculum includes topics such as developing personal and systemic direction through application of mission, vision, goals and core values; developing a personal leadership style; leading team-based organizations, and building culture, climate, and community.  As seniors, GSLT members continue their leadership development as well as facilitate leadership development at their local schools.  They also have opportunities to apply their leadership knowledge and skills in a variety of community situations.

The Gwinnett Student Leadership Team curriculum provides opportunities for networking, collaboration, reflective processing, benchmarking, on-site coaching and feedback, advanced learning, leading and teaching others, and facilitated problem-solving.

GSLT participants must demonstrate a willingness to be involved in the learning process and to make a firm commitment to attend the entire Gwinnett Student Leadership Team program.  Students must show an emerging civic sense and have the desire to serve their local schools and the Gwinnett Community.

Participant Responsibilities

Each participant in the Gwinnett Student Leadership Team (GSLT) makes a commitment to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • To attend all GSLT symposiums and events
  • To notify GSLT Board of Directors in advance of unavoidable absences on symposium days
  • To attend selected community functions as a representative of GSLT such as Chamber of Commerce meetings, Rotary Club meetings, etc.
  • To notify all teachers in advance of absences due to GSLT functions and make up work ahead of time whenever possible
  • To adhere to the GSLT Standards (listed in the application package

Key Elements of the GSLT Initiative

  • A coherent and consistent curriculum of core + elective experiences
  • Highest quality curriculum design, materials, and delivery methods including eight mini-movies illustrating each leadership concept, written curriculum, facilitator guides, interactive web site, and a youth leadership summit hosted by GSLT in Gwinnett County
  • Leadership development through learning, teaching, and serving by facilitating leadership training at each Gwinnett public high school

Number of Schools Involved and Students Directly Involved

  • 22 including all public high schools in Gwinnett County Public Schools and Buford City Schools
  • Six students per year (three juniors and three seniors) from each Gwinnett public high school who receive direct instruction in core leadership principles
  • A total of 124 students participating in GSLT in the 2011-2012 school year:  62 Seniors and 62 Juniors

Menu of Options for Implementation at the Local High School

  • Pre-requisite for holding student leadership positions in school organizations and clubs
  • Training of student leaders in local school organizations and clubs
  • Mentoring of student leaders and other students in the local schools
  • Elective course offered during Seventh Period and in Community Schools
  • Dissemination of curriculum to ninth and tenth grades
  • Presentations to local business and civic groups
  • Participation in Local School Improvement Process