The Benefits of GSLT

Our participants gain many leadership skills necessary for present and future endeavors, but don't take our word for it.  Here are a few comments shared by our student alumni.

The single, most important thing I learned as a result of GSLT is the importance of vision in leadership.  My idea of leadership as a result of these two years is collaboration, change, and impact.

As a result of GSLT, I can see how we can make our school systems better and how we can change the quality of education in America by equipping students with the tools to lead themselves.

The single, most important thing I learned as a result of GSLT is the necessity of crafting a mission, vision, and value statement.  I immediately implemented this tool into my organizations, and by doing so, my team was able to measure the progress we made.  This allowed us to stay on track to accomplish our goals.

Through GSLT, I learned that some of my most important leadership positions are informal.  The most influential leading I do is everyday interaction with my peers which is why I must be mindful of my impact in all areas of life; there is no "mask" of leadership one can remove.

As a result of GSLT, I plan to... live a leadership lifestyle; that is, never take a vacation from contributing to a positive culture in my surroundings.  I know that I can never take off my name badge of "leader" and must carry myself as a leader in every situation.

My leadership legacy is not something definable.  I know my involvement has made a difference at my school, but can one define a feeling of enthusiasm toward school improvement?  I believe I have set a precedent for professional relationships between students and administration in my school.  My hope is the students of my school will continue to learn from each other and move forward.

The most profund insight I gained from GSLT is that leadership is a way of life.  It isn't standing up in front of of a crowd and leading a meeting.  It's walking away from a crowd and continuing to be a leader.

GSLT has ignited a fire that allowed me to continue to enhance my personal leadership qualities as well as to improve the organizations in which I participate.  Most importantly, it has provided me with the tools... the knowledge and skills... to develop other leadersaround me.

A leadership skill I developed through GSLT is authenticity.  I learned that to be a leader, one must be authentic.  Thus a true leader must act the same twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  A leader's true self must not be compromised for any one or any event.